You... Do You

Written by: Bethany Hart Posted on: February 22, 2015 Tagged: social media Blog: Reclaimed

Have you heard this catchy little phrase before? I have, and I love it. I love it because it helps me weed through the garbage of all the really great things that are being thrown at me that I could be, do, and create. The really wonderful and terrible thing about social media is it presents us with an influx of ideas. Today my son asked me to do a Christmas craft. "Um, sure. Let me look at pinterest." In a matter of minutes the kitchen table was cluttered with tiny paper cone Christmas trees. Pretty great, huh?

And then there are those moments when I am tired and a bit beat down by the daily grind. I collapse on the couch for a little escape into technology and I scroll through the images of my friend's best moments, perfect family smiles, organic meals, and rock hard bodies. And I question, is this what my tired soul needs… and influx of really great ideas, of things to do and be? Maybe not. I think it subtly moves us away from the "You do you" way of thinking. It is more like "You do a little bit of everyone else." It waters us down.

We are created with a unique personality and purpose. There is a specific call on each of our lives. We are naturally gifted and oriented towards certain things. Different subjects ignite passion and anger inside us. And it is a beautifully, messy life- long process of defining, refining, and using who we are intended to be. Let's not lose sight of that. Let's not allow the potency of our true selves to be watered down by other ideas that aren't intended to be our own. It's a subtle distraction that can end up being toxic if we allow it to be.

So here's to you being you.Being yourself takes courage and strength. You have to muster up the vulnerability to show someone else yourself when your legs are shaky in that Truth to begin with. But I can only imagine that as you do, He strengthens you through you living out His purpose in creating you. And that is something that would totally be worth pinning.

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